Junior College (FYJC-SYJC)

The Higher Secondary Certificate shall be awarded in four grades as shown below:

  • Grade I : (With distinction) 75% and above..
  • Grade I : 60% – Less than 75%
  • Grade II : 45 %- Less than 60%
  • Grade Pass : 35 % – Less than 45%

All marks calculated on the basis of the seven subjects offered at the examination. Provided that the First Grade (with distinction) or First or Second Grade shall not be awarded to a candidate who appears for the Examination with any exemption or exemptions earned by him / her. Provided further that, if the aggregate total marks

Obtained by a candidate is less than the total of marks required for obtaining the first grade by not more than 3 marks only, such a candidate shall be given the necessary grace marks, not exceeding 3, in computing his aggregate of marks for the purpose of award of first grade.