Our Identity

Bunts Sangha, Mumbai was established in 1927 as a Charitable Trust and devoted itself to the cause of education, health care and social reforms of downtrodden and underprivileged class of people. The Sangha has been in the service of people for almost nine decades. Initially, the Sangha established two night schools mainly to cater the needs of working students during the day time. During the last decade, more emphasis was given to the education for the masses.


Bunts Sangha’s Arathi Shashikiran Shetty Junior College were established in 2013 by Bunts Sangha, Mumbai. Since then Bunts Sangha’s Arathi Shashikiran Shetty Junior College is committed to the promotion and propagation of quality education with excellence. The main focus is to impart domain specific knowledge, flexible skill mix, positive attitudes, ethically sound values and continuous learning habits through reflective thinking in a student. The objective is to unleash the human potential within students for excelling in the chosen educational field. Our earnest attempt is to see that all this should take place with a sense of purpose, pride, direction, and commitment.