About the Institution

Arathi Shashikiran Shetty Junior college currently offers education in the commerce and science stream.

As a part of Bunts Sangha Mumbai’s outreach policy, the trust aims to help students from all strata’s of the society to gain access to quality education, which will empower them for a brighter future.

We, at ASJC offer excellent Higher Secondary School Education along with state of the art infrastructure, with equal emphasis on curricular, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities to ensure the overall growth of our students. We are constantly updating our knowledge base and engaging in academic innovation as part of our pedagogical endeavors.

We, at ASJC aim to foster global competence among our students in their chosen fields. We work for holistic and value based development of students. We are dedicated to developing social consciousness amongst our students.

We are committed to helping students to realize their Swadharma (life’s purpose by identifying their true strength) for their continuous growth and thus the growth of a strong nation.

We welcome students to ASJC and assure you that this college would be a wonderful choice for your post-secondary education and training needs. The knowledge and experiences you acquire here will prepare you for the many exciting opportunities and challenges that await you in your career and life ahead.

We wish you an empowered future at ASJC!

Our Vision

Transforming young vibrant minds of students by embracing ingenious techniques and innovative practices in learning

Our Mission

To build an Educational Institution committed towards continuously reforming and providing accessible, affordable and relevant education aimed at improving the quality of life of the students

Core Values

  • Continuous Growth Of Students
  • Facilitate Discovery
  • Transforming Ordinary Students Into Extra Ordinary Innovations

Focus Area

  • Unique Learning System
  • Use Of Modern Techniques
  • Integrated Development Of Body, Mind And Soul
  • Self Driven Experimenting Innovative Continuous Learning
  • Mentoring
  • Integrated System Of Theory And Practice
  • Provoking The Youth To Find Solutions
  • Encourage Young Entrepreneurship Development
  • Combination Of Guru Shishya Model