It gives me immense pleasure to pen a few words for our college which aims at developing the intellectual mind and bring out potential trapped within the young minds.

Our institution is still a baby, and we all must share the responsibilities of taking care and nourishing them. For us students are the foundation stones of our institution, who rocks strong with full determination, will power and perseverance.

Here at ASJC, as educators, facilitators we aim at bringing out the best in students through a holistic approach to education. The focus of the institution is to empower students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training in every possible manner which will enable them to grow. Where determination, foresightedness and discipline exist, success is inevitable. Education today means much more than merely acquiring knowledge. Its come today as an amalgamation of soft skills, technological skills, atheistic skills and many more. We at ASJC aspire to build a platform for all students that when they step out in the world outside, they are ready to face the realities and harsh challenges of life.

The academic results are always outstanding, and the college perennially excels in intercollegiate festivals, sports, and social service. In this knowledge millennium we develop critical skills in our students combined with ethics. The support systems used for achieving our objectives include a well-equipped library, techno-savvy classrooms, state-of-the-art computer laboratories and activity centers for students. The heart of the college, however, remains the quality of its teaching and the excellence of its faculty. We look forward to making a meaningful difference in the field of higher education and in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs. Shaila Shetty

Vice Principal